Development Permit Area Guidelines

Development Permit Areas are used to help manage areas of the community that need special treatment for certain purposes including the protection of development from hazards, establishing objectives for form and character in specified circumstances, or revitalization of a commercial use area. All development in Development Permit Areas require a Development Permit before obtaining a Building Permit. Development Permit Area Guidelines are used by staff to assess development in these areas to ensure they align with the City’s overall goals for sustainable and well-planned development.  The City of Prince Rupert currently has several Development Permit Areas, with Guidelines noted below:

Before applying for a Development Permit, consult the guideline applicable to your property to understand the associated rules and regulations. Each Development Permit Area has its own specific guidelines for development listed above, which can also be found at City Hall. Development Permit exemptions can be found in the Official Community Plan. 

Application Guide for a Development Permit Application (PDF)

In addition to existing City regulations with respect to Development Permit Areas, the City has also formally adopted the Wayfinding Signage Standards document developed by Tourism Prince Rupert, which provides colour coding, typographic, and stylistic guidelines that must be followed for future wayfinding signage that is installed in the City's main districts. For more information, see the full Guideline document below.

Tourism Prince Rupert Wayfinding Signage Guidelines (PDF)