Public Safety

This page provides links to various public safety organizations around Prince Rupert. Information on the Ambulance, Police and Fire Departments, and 911 Dispatch Centre are within this section of the website, as well as information on Emergency Preparedness. 

Fire Safety for Residents and Businesses

Fire prevention is the easiest way to keep you, your family, and/or business safe. Click here to learn more about fire safety tips and standards for businesses.

Tsunami Preparedness

The City of Prince Rupert and our emergency personnel work to ensure that residents and community stakeholders have the necessary information to inform our collective response to emergencies such as tsunami warnings. 

Victim Services

The City's Victim Services staff are conscientious support, offered through the RCMP detachment to victims of crime in our community. They are an integral service that provide care for people when they are at their worst. 

Emergency Social Services

Emergency Social Services is a volunteer driven program that responds to residents from Prince Rupert and beyond in times of crisis.

911 Dispatch Centre

The 911 Dispatch Centre, located in the Prince Rupert Fire Rescue Department since 2004, answers all 911 calls made in the Prince Rupert and Port Edward area.

Ambulance Services

The ambulance service in Prince Rupert is provided by the British Columbia Ambulance Service (BCAS) which is a public ambulance service in BC under the authority of the Emergency Health Services Commission of the provincial Ministry of Health.