Interim Parking Plan

Parking can undeniably be a hot button issue in Prince Rupert. Couched between the ocean and mountains, our community has a limited urban footprint, and many roadways developed when horse-drawn carriages were still the main form of transportation. Older roadways, including downtown thoroughfares like 3rd Avenue, are therefore narrow, with buildings quite close together and few opportunities for off-street parking development.

Because of the way the community is built, solving the parking 'problem' will involve making changes on multiple fronts - some short term, and some over the longer term. Towards that work, the City has now adopted an Interim Parking Management strategy (linked below), which lays out a number of proposed changes to help improve the parking situation here over the next 1-3 years. Some changes we will be able to act on quickly, while others may take a bit longer and have a more involved public engagement process. 

Have more questions? Check out the full document below or head to our Rupert Talks page.

Interim Parking Management Strategy