City Financials

Each year, the City of Prince Rupert prepares a budget and provides updates regarding the City’s financial position through its Audited Financial Statements which are included in both the Statements of Financial Information, and the Annual Report.  In addition, this is the location of Audited Financial Statements for Prince Rupert Legacy Inc, the City's Development Corporation.  See below for links to relevant documents. 

Annual Budget

The following information is provided in order to help the public understand municipal budget priorities as well as the proposed budget for the following year.

Capital Project Loan Authorizations

To proceed with borrowing for significant capital projects, Council must achieve assent from the electors of Prince Rupert prior to adopting a loan authorization bylaw. They may do so either by Referendum, or by Alternative Approval Process.

Documents and Information Sharing

Below you will find our 5 Year Financial Plan documents, information on property taxes, Statement of Financial Information, Annual Report and Financial Statements.

What are the purposes of the documents we share? See below:

  • Five Year Financial Plan document and Budget Presentation: This information is prepared to provide greater public understanding of the financial priorities, policies, constraints, and financial plan for the current five year period - and will help you understand the City's financial priorities.
  • Statement of Financial Information: This report is required under the BC Financial Information Act which provides information on the City’s financial transactions and reporting on staff remuneration of over $75,000/year as well as travel.  The Annual Financial Statements are also attached to this report.
  • Annual Report: This document is provided in compliance with the Community Charter,, and adopted by the end of June each year. This document takes the opportunity to provide the citizens with financial and non-financial information regarding the operations of the Municipality during the previous calendar year. It's an opportunity for the City to share updates on Council's strategic plan, Departmental figures, as well as general information on the City. 
  • Audited Financial statements of Prince Rupert Legacy Inc.: Since 2015 when Legacy Inc was incorporated, these documents are also located here. 

Most reports are backward looking financial documents.  Forward looking information is included in the Five Year Financial Plan which is required to be prepared annually under the Community Charter. The Property Tax rates are set based on the need identified in the Five Year Financial Plan, passed by Bylaw each year by City Council. The Property Tax Bylaw must be passed by May 15th of each year, so that municipalities can issue property tax notices. 

We host financial information for the past 7 years on our website. Should you wish to obtain digital information from a previous year, please email us at