Housing Strategy

The City of Prince Rupert understands that our community is in serious need of more housing, and for the past several years has been working on both short and long term plans to address the housing deficit in our community. The current activity the City is undertaking towards housing was set by the Interim Housing Strategy, adopted in 2021, and now by the Housing Acceleration Action Plan, adopted in October of 2023. 

The City has been carrying out a number of the recommendations provided to us - including the following:

  • Applications for funding to the Federal Housing Acceleration Fund (associated with the Housing Acceleration Action Plan), and also for Provincial Housing Funding;
  • Consideration of waiver of parking requirements in the downtown core commercial properties and also mixed-use properties;
  • Consideration of a zoning amendment permitting carriage suites;
  • Adoption of a Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw for downtown;
  • Removal of permitting and development fees for construction resulting in the creation of new units;
  • Placement of a number of City held lots for sale, and disposal of multi-family lots to our Development Corporation towards an aim of future development;
  • Adoption of a Rental Licensing and Maintenance Standards Bylaw intended to reduce potential future loss of rental housing; 
  • Completion of a Housing Needs Assessment that will better inform housing development objectives and demand for projects;
  • Council approved changes to the City's Zoning Bylaw to permit Secondary Suites in two-family homes (duplexes) and lock-off suites in multi-family homes (3+ principle units) and to allow housing to be built from modular units on permanent foundations; and,
  • Encouragement of BC Housing to invest in additional and existing affordable rental stock in Prince Rupert.

The City will use the Housing Needs Assessment and the above-noted Interim Housing Strategy to direct future City efforts at attracting and encouraging housing development across the spectrum of housing.  Register for newsletters by signing up to our Rupert Talks public engagement platform for updates on future Housing planning efforts. 

Interested in Building Housing in Prince Rupert?

If you are interested in developing housing in Prince Rupert or implementing a suite, please visit Developing in Prince Rupert or reach out to the Development Services Department at 250 627-0946 or Customer.Service@princerupert.ca.