Fire Department

First established as a volunteer brigade in November of 1908, the Prince Rupert Fire Department has provided fire protection service in the municipality for over 100 years. These services include inspections and education, fire suppression and rescue as well as medical response for the area. The Department currently consists of a Fire Chief, 1 Deputy Chief, 4 shift Captains and 20 career Firefighters.

The Department responds to a wide variety of emergency and non emergency calls every day.  Our Firefighters are highly trained in all aspects of modern firefighting as well as Emergency Medical Responder (EMR),  Auto Extrication and Confined Space Rescue, and more.

The Department maintains a small fleet of high quality firefighting apparatus including One 75' Quint, two pumpers and one Fire/Rescue truck. Engine 5 is a 2017 Rosenbauer, this apparatus is a first line pump truck with a pumping capability of 2000 gallons per minute. Rescue 1 is a 2015 Rosenbauer/Freightliner Rescue van, this apparatus carries all our EMR, rescue/extrication equipment.  Ladder 6 is a 2010 Pierce Ladder truck, this apparatus has a pumping capability of 2000 gallons per minute. It also has a 75 foot ladder with a monitor at the tip of the ladder. The Department operates from the single Fire Station located downtown at 200-1st Ave. West.

Fire engine with Canadian flag on the side.
Fire rescue truck parked on parking lot. The truck is red and white.
Fire engine with ladder on top. The Fire engine is parked on a parking lot.

Prince Rupert Fire Rescue Department responds to over 1500 calls for assistance each year.  Our response time for most locations within city limits is under five minutes from the time the 911 call is received.

The Fire Rescue Department also operates the Prince Rupert and Port Edward 911 service. 4 full time and 4 casual employees provide 24 hour a day 7 day a week coverage. These operator/dispatchers are the first answer point for all 911 calls and are responsible for dispatching both Prince Rupert and Port Edward fire departments, answering approximately 5500 emergency calls annually. All RCMP and BC Ambulance calls are transferred to their respective dispatch centers in Prince George and Kamloops.

In a proactive approach to reduce property damage due to fire and to increase life safety, the Department operates a highly effective Public Building Inspection program as well as Fire Prevention and Public Education programs. Approximately 1000 public building inspections are conducted annually.

Prince Rupert Fire Rescue has a long and proud history which is clearly shown in the Fire Museum located beside the station.

Contact the Fire Department

Prince Rupert Fire Rescue

200 – 1st Ave. West,

Prince Rupert, B.C.

V8J 1A8

Jeff Beckwith, Fire Chief

Phone: 250-627-1248