Parking Requirements

The City currently requires that local businesses and property owners provide adequate space(s) to accommodate the parking needs of their customers. The City of Prince Rupert’s downtown and commercial cores, as well as most residential areas, were largely developed at a time when there were fewer motor vehicles. As a result of historical developments, many of the city’s commercial properties have insufficient dedicated parking for their local businesses.

In consideration of this fact, in the Downtown and Cow Bay Development Permit Areas, the City of Prince Rupert requires a payment in lieu of providing a physical parking space. This payment does not purchase a physical parking space or spaces for property owners. Rather, payments collected from businesses go towards a general parking trust. In effect, the payment in lieu releases you from the requirement to provide additional parking space(s).

Once sufficient funds are collected, the City will invest the trust back into acquiring and developing a parking lot in an available and suitable commercial area.

Parking requirements are determined according to the use of the commercial space in each property, which is laid out by the City’s Zoning Bylaw. Businesses that did not have adequate parking spaces at the time the Parking Bylaw was instituted in 2008 were grandfathered in according to the number parking space(s) required by the use at that time. If there are changes to the property or business, the new parking regulations will apply. 

Reduced Off-Street Parking Requirements in Downtown Core

Understanding the  physical and economic constraints of providing off-street parking in Prince Rupert's downtown city core, the City has implemented a Parking Specified Area wherein off-street minimum parking stall requirements are waived for new or upgraded commercial and mixed use developments. To find out the parking requirements for your specific property, please review the Zoning Bylaw or get in touch with Development Services staff. 

map of parking specified area downtown

Want to know more about parking time limits and options in the Downtown, Cow Bay and Rushbrook areas? 

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Interim Parking Strategy

To address public concerns and potential issues with existing parking regulations, in summer of 2022, Prince Rupert City Council  approved an Interim Parking Strategy (PDF) to guide actions regulating parking in the downtown core over the next 1-3 years, with longer term parking management included as part of the Connect Rupert Transportation Plan.

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