Parking Permits and Passes

Parking in the City of Prince Rupert is governed by our local Traffic Bylaw 2470 (PDF). In addition to on-street parking, and a lot in Cow Bay, the City owns the pay-parking lot facilities in the Rushbrook Improvement area. The public parking lot at Rushbrook boat launch and dock is owned, operated, and overseen by the City of Prince Rupert, with all fees collected (in the form of annual passes and daily/monthly fees) going towards future improvements to the area.

The City also provides temporary permits for accessible parking spaces to those with temporary disabilities. These permits require a Doctor‘s signature or note before the permit is issued, and cannot be renewed or extended by the City of Prince Rupert. If the disability/injury is expected to be longer than three months, you may apply to the Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) for a long-term permit.

Accessible Parking Permit Application (PDF)

For more information please follow the link for Parking Requirements for Businesses.

Want to know more about parking time limits and options in the Downtown, Cow Bay and Rushbrook areas? Download our Parking Wayfinding Brochure (PDF).