Outdoor Parks and Recreation Plan

Parks & Outdoor Recreation Plan Vision:

"The unique, maritime port city of Prince Rupert provides inclusive, affordable, and resilient parks, trails, and recreation amenities that enhance community wellbeing and inspire a healthy and active lifestyle."


This Parks and Outdoor Recreation Plan (PORP), Rupert Plays, was adopted by the City Council in November of 2023 and is intended to guide decisions related to municipal parks and outdoor recreation in the City of Prince Rupert for the next 10 years.

Plan Goals:

Graphic overview of the goals of the parks plan, described in text

The primary aims guiding our Parks Plan are:

  • To provide access to parks and recreation for all
  • To improve connectivity
  • To protect and enhance the unique aspects of Prince Rupert
  • To protect and enhance the environment
  • To provide well-designed facilities and amenities
  • To nurture a sense of community and belonging, and
  • To reflect financial considerations

Key Plan Components

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Project Background

Want to know more about the process of collecting information for the Parks Plan? Our Rupert Talks page contains information on the public engagement process, reports and associated documents. Check it out via the link below. 

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