Victim Services

Victim Services staff in front of their white crossover vehicle





Pictured Above - Victim Services Staff pose with the Victim Services Unit vehicle used in their work supporting clients

Prince Rupert RCMP Victim Services is a police-based program assisting victims and survivors of crime and trauma by providing support, reassurance, information and referrals. In collaboration with community agencies and public services, we are here to support and empower people as they navigate through and cope with difficult and traumatic events.

Our skilled and compassionate Victim Services workers are here to provide the following services from a trauma-informed perspective:

Responding to emergency call-outs from police 24/7

  • Initial crisis intervention and support
  • Liaising between victims/survivors and emergency personnel
  • Collaborative safety planning
  • Sudden death notifications

Information and Referral

  • Community resources
  • Victim support programs
  • Crime Victim Assistance Program

Networking, Public Awareness and Education

  • Hosting and attending victim services related events
  • Facilitating educational events/workshops upon request
  • Attending meetings and collaborating with community agencies

Emotional Support

  • Non-judgmental assistance and empowerment to cope with the impacts of crime and trauma
  • Assisting with the completion of forms such as Victim Impact Statements

Criminal Justice System Information and Support

  • Information for victims about their rights under the Victims of Crime Act and The Canadian Victims Bill of Rights
  • Case specific file updates that victims are entitled to
  • Information about the criminal justice process and criminal court process
  • Court updates, court orientation and accompaniment

This program is jointly funded by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General and the City of Prince Rupert.

Prince Rupert RCMP Victim Services

Joyce Charlton, Victim Services Manager

100 - 6th Ave West

Prince Rupert, BC  V8J 3Z3

Phone: 250 627-7779

Fax: 250 627-3013