Building and Development Fees

This is the listing of Building and Development Fees and Charges for those applications not included in the below list of waivers:

Listing of Development Fees and Charges (PDF)

Building Permit Fees and Charges by Value of Construction (PDF)

Other Miscellaneous Building Permit Fees and Charges (PDF)

Fee Waiver Programs for Downtown

As part of the City's efforts to encourage revitalization and development the following application fees are waived in the City Core Area to December 31, 2024:

  • Development Permit fees
  • Development Variance Permit fees
  • OCP and/or Zoning Bylaw Amendment fees
  • Building Permit fees
  • Properties may also be eligible to apply for a Downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption.  Click the link for additional information on that program. 

Fee Waiver Programs for new housing units

  • Rezoning, Development Permit (inclusive of variances), and Building Permits fees are all waived in instances where the development will result in NEW units.  This program is in effect until December 31st, 2024