All Application Forms

Permits are tools used by the City to manage development in different areas of Prince Rupert, ensure uniform building standards, protecting health, safety, and quality of life for residents.  

The type of work that you are planning to conduct will impact the type of permit(s) you require. For more information on City permitting requirements, please contact the Development Services Department.

Please note that it's recommended to review a form with staff if you have any confusion over information requested. Applications cannot be considered until they are complete and all fees are paid. 

The following are the types of applications that may be required via the City of Prince Rupert:

Land Use + Development

Building Permits

Sample Documents of Items Requested in Applications

Work + Events on City Property

Completed forms can be provided to City hall in person or by email to the appropriate department (contact information is available on each form). All Development Permit fees must be paid before an application is considered accepted and before a decision can be made. Once a Development Permit is approved, property owners will need to proceed to obtaining a Building Permit. 

Please note: Additional permitting and inspections may be required from other Provincial regulatory agencies for electrical and gas-fitting work. Please contact your local inspection agency for more information on Provincial requirements.