Events on City Property

Any and all people or organizations seeking to hold an event on City of Prince Rupert property must obtain a Special Event permit from the City. Events on City property requiring permits include, but are not limited to: parades, BBQs, block parties, fundraising events, cultural celebrations, concerts and performances.  There are also specific permits required for parades, to close a parking lot, or to close a sidewalk. 

A completed application must be submitted to the Engineering Department via City Hall, together with any required permit fee(s), and proof of liability insurance a mininum of one week prior to the event. If you cannot obtain a copy of insurance naming the City of Prince Rupert as co-insured, you may also apply with the City for SBC insurance. All applications for a Special Event Permit must include Proof of Liability Insurance Coverage in the amount no less than $2,000,000 naming the City of Prince Rupert as co-insured. 

If a road closure is required for your event, please provide your application two weeks in advance, as it will need to be assessed to determine if barricades and/or traffic control is needed. If the event uses McBride St, 2nd Ave West or Park Ave, additional approval is needed from the BC Ministry of Highways and Transportation. 

Permitting Application Forms

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