Business Façade Improvement Program

**The 2024 Intake for Business Façade Improvement opens February 1st. See below for the updated program guide. 

Funded by Northern Development Initiative Trust, the City’s Business Façade Improvement Program is designed to assist property and business owners with rehabilitating the commercial façades of their properties for the purpose of creating a positive visual impact, stimulating private investment, and complementing other community revitalization efforts. Participants are eligible to receive financial assistance in the form of a non- repayable grant, for eligible projects upon the completion of their respective Project.

The program provides grants to property and business owners to renovate restore or redesign retail and commercial building facades and storefronts located in either the Downtown or Cow Bay Development Permit Areas. The goal of the program is to encourage owners of buildings to invest in upgrades that create a more interesting and appealing environment – attracting customers, clients, visitors and businesses to the community.

The City of Prince Rupert will provide a percentage to a maximum of 50% reimbursement grant up to a maximum of $5,000 per building/project to improve the facades of existing buildings. The building must be located in the Downtown or Cow Bay Development Permit Areas (Appendix I). Each building within these areas is eligible for the one time grant. Projects must have a minimum total cost of $4,000 in order to qualify and a maximum of $200,000. The Business Façade Improvement program is offered by the City of Prince Rupert with funding provided by Northern Development Initiative Trust.

Program Guidelines:

In order to be eligible for this grant, the applicant must submit designs and costing for the project. Designs need not to be done by a professional architect or designer but it is strongly encouraged that the tenant/property owner seeks professional help, keeping in mind that that grants will awarded based on merit of design and visual impact to the streetscape. Designs need to clearly outline the proposed improvements to accurately evaluate the project so that that the finished product looks like what was intended upon during the application process.

Eligible improvements may consist of but are not limited to:

  • Exterior lighting (new but not replacement);
  • Exterior architectural features;
  • Exterior surfaces and details (decorative details, moldings, trims etc.);
  • Windows (only if part of larger enhancements, no stand-alone window replacement);
  • New siding;
  • Façade Painting;
  • Entrances and doorways (only if part of larger enhancements, no stand-alone entrance/doorway replacement); and
  • Awnings.
  • Signage (affixed to the building);
  • Way finding signage (sign located on the business property i.e. at the bottom of a driveway) Signs are eligible for 50% to a maximum of $500 and must adhere to any signage bylaws and regulations.
  • Patios

Note: Tenants must receive written approval from Owners prior to moving forward with the façade improvements. A letter from the owner must accompany the application.

For additional information on eligible applicants, eligible and ineligible expenses, and more, see our full Program Guidelines for 2024, for reference. Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the full Guidelines to ensure your project is eligible.

2024 Business Façade Improvement Program Guidelines (PDF)

2024 Business Façade Improvement Grant Application Form

For more information, contact:

Paul Vendittelli, Economic Development Officer

(250) 627 5138