Animal Control

Pet ownership is a proven means of relieving stress benefiting overall health and well being for residents. The City of Prince Rupert supports pet ownership as a right of the people who live here. Our bylaws have been enacted to ensure that animals kept in our community are properly cared and accounted for, and do not impede the health and safety of others.

Animal Control Bylaw

Follow these simple rules in order to stay in compliance with City-related bylaws related to keeping an animal in City limits:

  • License your pet (applicable to dogs, only). Every person within the City who owns or keeps a dog is required to obtain a valid license, by applying in writing to the Bylaw Officer on the form provided and paying the prescribed fee set out. Licensing fees may vary based on the breed of the dog, and/or whether it qualifies as a dangerous breed. Dogs under 6 months old do not require a license.
    • Upon application and payment of all prescribed fees, the City issues a numbered license tag, stamped for the current year, to be affixed to the dog's collar.
  • Keep pets on leash in public areas. No owner of an animal shall permit the animal to be at large in the City or to trespass on any private property. Except in designated off-leash areas, every person who owns, keeps or has custody, care or control of a dog, shall keep the dog on leash and under control while on any highway, school property, park or other public place in the City.
  • Comply with the Maximum number of dogs permitted. Please adhere to the maximum number of dogs permitted under the City bylaw— which is three within any household 
  • Pick up after your pet. Help keep our community clean but cleaning up after your pet. Not only does this practice reflect good neighbourliness, but it’s also the law. Every person who has care, custody or control of a dog in an area other than their own residence, is required to carry a plastic bag or other impermeable means to pick up and properly dispose of any excrement left by their dog.

Associated Fines:

The violations below may be subject to fine/penalty, or seizure of the dog.

  • No Dog license
  • Failure to affix license tag
  • Dog at large
  • Unleashed dog in park
  • Dog excrement not removed from public place
  • Barking dog

Spay/Neuter your pets. If you do not have the resources to care fore more animals, spaying and neutering domesticated animals is essential to ensuring pets have good homes. Contact the BCSPCA or your local veterinary clinic for more information on the costs of the procedure or to book an appointment.

Please see the fee schedule below for fees related to offences under the Dog Control Bylaw (PDF).

Please note – the above does not reflect all details relating to the Bylaw. For precise requirements, access the full Dog Control Bylaw on our Bylaws page.

For more information about how you can be a responsible pet owner, contact your local BC SPCA at:

1740 Prince Rupert Blvd,

Prince Rupert, BC V8J 4R8

Phone: 250-624-2859

Pet Licenses

The City of Prince Rupert supports pet ownership as a right of the people who live here. 

Pet Licenses