Rushbrook Parking Improvement Area

The City of Prince Rupert maintains and operates the Rushbrook parking area and boat launch for the benefit of our waterfront community. We know that waterfront access is of key importance to Rupertites and visitors alike, and so this area is a key local offering for quick access to the ocean from a central location. 

Rushbrook Parking Area

Parking fees are collected in the Rushbrook parking lot, Annual Pass-holder parking lot, and along George Hills Way, with all revenues being redirected back into the maintenance of the dock and surrounding area. 

Did you know? The City now has an app to make payment of parking along Rushbrook quick and easy! Download the app, here.

Area Where Paid Parking is in Effect:

See above for information on parking restrictions and where they are effective in the Rushbrook Improvement Area/ Marina District. Below is a helpful brochure describing parking regulations in a variety of areas in the community.

Parking Wayfinding Map/Brochure

Rushbrook Boat Launch Use

The purpose of the Rushbrook Boat Launch is to provide quick and efficient access to the ocean for mariners. To maximize the benefits of the launch for all users, keep it accessible, and ensure that it remains in good condition, the City has put into place the following rules for use of the launch. 

  • Maximum 20 minutes of moorage is permitted on the ramp & dock. Violators will be towed.
  • Dock and ramp are for boat launching purposes only.
  • Use extra caution at low tide. Curbing and ramp are limited. 
  • Swimming and diving in this area is prohibited without prior City approval to protect the health and safety of all parties. 
  • Violators may be subject to a fine as per City of Prince Rupert Bylaw 2783. 

Issues and/or concerns with the maintenance of the area can be reported to the City's 24 hour Operations Department reporting line at (250) 624 3000.