Bylaws & Policies

For more information about how to report a violation, bylaw enforcement, ticketing, fine payment and disputes, please see our Bylaw Ticketing, Fine Payment and Disputes section.

The listing below of City of Prince Rupert Bylaws contains the most frequently requested bylaws. If you would like to access bylaws that are not included below, please contact the Administration Department.

Disclaimer: Although we do our best to keep online information up to date, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information below. If there is a discrepancy between the following versions of bylaws and the ones from City Hall, the City Hall version will take precedence.

Bylaw Bylaw No. Sort descending Type(s)
Trade or Business Licence Bylaw - Consolidated (2018) BL 2426 Business
Noise Control Bylaw - Consolidated BL 2430 Animal Control, Public Nuisance
Traffic Bylaw - Consolidated BL 2470 Public Nuisance, Traffic
Blasting Bylaw - Consolidated BL 2524 Building + Engineering, Land Use, Public Safety, Traffic
Nuisance Prohibition Bylaw - Consolidated BL 2709 Public Nuisance
Ticket Information Bylaw - Consolidated BL 2783 Administrative + Financial
Security Alarm System Regulation Bylaw - Consolidated BL 2861 Business, Public Nuisance
Mayor & Council Indemnity Bylaw (1994) BL 2892 Administrative + Financial
Fire Control and Protection Bylaw - Consolidated BL 2944 City Services, Public Safety
Fireworks Regulation Bylaw (1996) BL 2978 Public Nuisance, Public Safety
Mayor & Council Indemnity Amendment Bylaw (1996) BL 2979 Administrative + Financial
Livestock Prohibition Bylaw (1996) BL 2987 Administrative + Financial, Animal Control, Land Use, Public Nuisance
Firearms Regulation Bylaw (1998) BL 3055 Public Nuisance, Public Safety
Sewer Regulations and Rates Bylaw - Consolidated BL 3067 Administrative + Financial, Building + Engineering, City Services
Emergency Services Bylaw (2004) BL 3183 Public Safety
Statutory Reserve Fund Bylaw (2006) BL 3216 Administrative + Financial
Security Alarm System Regulation Amendment Bylaw (2006) BL 3217 Business, Public Nuisance
Cemetery Bylaw - Consolidated BL 3237 Administrative + Financial, City Services
Dog Control Bylaw - Consolidated BL 3250 Animal Control, Public Nuisance
Property Maintenance Bylaw (2010) BL 3297 Public Nuisance


Bylaw Enforcement

The City of Prince Rupert employs a Bylaw Officer who is responsible for bylaw enforcement within Prince Rupert.

Derelict Vehicle Program

Don't know what to do with that old station wagon that won't run any more? The City of Prince Rupert has a derelict vehicle removal program that assists residents with removing your unwanted vehicles.

The cost of removal is $70/per vehicle, which includes the cost of towing. Proof of ownership, as well as signing over ownership to the City is required to participate, as well as removal of any waste/items within the vehicle. 

Derelict Vehicle Program

Bylaw Ticketing, Fine Payment and Disputes

In the City of Prince Rupert, a Bylaw Enforcement Officer or an authorized City Representative may issue a Municipal Ticket Information (MTI) notice to a person or company for a violation to a City Bylaw. 

Bylaw Ticketing, Fine Payments and Disputes

Animal Control

The City of Prince Rupert supports pet ownership as a right of the people who live here. Our bylaws have been enacted to ensure that animals kept in our community are properly cared and accounted for, and do not impede the health and safety of others. 

Animal Control

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping hurts the aesthetic quality of our community, is potentially harmful to the local environment, and is disrespectful to neighbors.

Illegal Dumping