The Operations Department manages and maintains City infrastructure and properties. Some of the services provided by Operations include: Maintenance of water, sewer, storm sewer, roads, sidewalks, parks, fields, tot lots, and trails; Cemetery maintenance; Sanitation and Landfill services; and, maintenance of Street Lighting. Do you have a service request or query to make to the Operations Department? We take hazards or issues of community safely very seriously. Please report all hazards and safety issues to staff. See below for a list of City service numbers, available for your convenience, or use our online form.

Drinking Water

Find our Annual Water Reports, tips for how to reduce potential lead exposure from aged plumbing in your home or business, and other information.

Major Projects

The City has several major capital projects to replace critical infrastructure. Learn more about these projects, and their progress, here.


The City maintains over 60 km of roadway throughout the community. Learn more about road programming here.

Contact City Staff to Report a Concern

Or email to report your concern.