City Held Properties for Sale

The City of Prince Rupert is open for business and is actively seeking commercial and residential development for our community. Council has pre-approved the sale of a number of properties, listed below, and will also consider offers on other properties owned by the City and our Development Corporation based on a number of factors - namely, potential benefit to the community, alignment with objectives in our Official Community Plan and Housing Strategy, and commitment from the purchaser to develop within the near term. 

See the bottom of page for purchase/sale stipulations. Please note given the intent with these properties is to encourage infill residential development, contracts of sale will have stipulations regarding timelines for construction as well as use of the properties for residential development. A fulsome list of available lots as well as additional housing opportunities and active developments are listed here.

Single Family Lots

Multi Family Lots

Terms of Sale and Contact Information

  • It is strongly recommended that persons wishing to submit an offer use the form of Contract of Purchase and Sale prepared by the City of Prince Rupert, a copy of which may be obtained in the manner described below. City of Prince Rupert will select the offer for each property that is in the best interest of the City, having regard to Purchase Price, Deposit, Completion Date, Purchaser’s Conditions and the form and proposed terms of the Contract. Following the delivery of the deposit, the sale of each property shall proceed in accordance with the Contract of Purchase and Sale accepted for that property.

  • Purchasers are responsible for any real estate fees or commissions payable in relation to the purchase of a property.

  • Each purchaser must agree to grant the City of Prince Rupert an Option to Purchase allowing it to repurchase the property in accordance with the Option to Purchase prepared by the City of Prince Rupert.  The conditions of the Option to Purchase relate to deadlines for obtaining a building permit and completing construction of a residential dwelling on the property.  It is the responsibility of each purchaser to prepare its offer in a way that will ensure that they can obtaining a building permit and completing construction of a residential dwelling before the dates specified in the Option to Purchase.

  • The City of Prince Rupert may reject any or all offers received and may negotiate with one or more prospective purchasers of any property.

  • Copies of the form of Contract of Purchase and Sale may be obtained from the City Hall at 424 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert, British Columbia or may be requested by email to  Other inquiries may be directed to Rosamaria Miller, Director of Corporate & Legislative Services at (250) 627 0963 or to the email address above.