Transportation Plan

Transportation Plan Vision

In 2040, Prince Rupert is a world-class port city that is supported by a world-class transportation system that contributes to a vibrant, growing, and complete community with a thriving economy where people choose to live, work, and play. Prince Rupert is celebrated for its natural beauty and recreation opportunities and is a gateway of national importance by water, rail, road, and air. The City’s multi-modal transportation system is well-managed and maintained and provides critical connections for people of all ages and abilities to neighbouring and Indigenous communities as well as to the rest of British Columbia, Canada, and the world. Prince Rupert’s transportation network is safe, sustainable, and resilient, and enables a healthy, accessible, and equitable community.

In July of 2023, Prince Rupert City Council adopted the Connect Rupert Transportation Plan to inform the next decade or more of transportation planning in Prince Rupert. The plan is comprehensive, and covers everything from transit, to rail, to the airport ferry and beyond.

The different components of the Transportation Plan, our priorities and general strategies are described below, and a full copy of the Plan and its Appendices is at the bottom of the page. Each strategy noted in the different summarized section of our Transportation Plan below has actions associated with it, as well as priority levels which are presented in the Appendices of the longer form plan. These priority levels and actions will be considered moving forward in annual budgeting processes. 

graphic describing the values of the Transportation Plan

The full Transportation Plan can be found, below:

Appendix A: Detailed Strategies and Policy Statements

Appendix B: Policy Statement Tables

For more information on the plan's development, reports on public feedback, and other relevant documents, check out the engagement page on Rupert Talks, linked below.