Building Permits

Building permits are required for all renovations, construction projects and structural work. You can apply for the Permits by downloading and completing the corresponding form and return it, in person with a complete drawing, to the Development Services Department of the City of Prince Rupert.

The Building Permit approval process varies with the type of application received. For residential renovations, please allow at least three business days for approval. Please remember that a Permit is not valid unless approved by the Building Inspector first. Site inspections are required after a building permit has been issued. Permit fees vary according to the cost of development.

For more information, check out our Guidelines for Contractors pamphlet (PDF)

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Please find the City’s two main forms of Building Permits below. 

A full list of building-related forms is here.

Wreck and Removal

Wreck and removals can be applied for through the Application for a Permit to Alter, Repair, or Remove a Building or Structure application form; however these processes can be more involved than a regular building permit. To assist property owners in efficient removal of their buildings, the City has also developed a brochure on Wreck and Removal to help property owners understand the wreck and removal process - including requirements to conduct a hazardous materials assessment, notification requirements for the landfill, etc. Wreck and Removes can be complicated, so you’ll need to start by booking a preliminary meeting with City Staff who will walk you through what is required for your specific case. 

Wreck and Removal Information Brochure (PDF)

Inspection Services

Our Building Inspectors in the Development Services Department are responsible for approving building plans, issuing building permits and inspecting construction. They are also responsible to evaluate if construction is in compliance with the Zoning Bylaw, development regulations and the requirements of the BC Building Code. Staff members may be called upon to provide advice to builders on the interpretation of codes, and they work closely with the agencies in other departments.