Building & Development

The City of Prince Rupert has rules and procedures as well as incentive programs and information to guide developers operating in our community. The following sections will help to guide you in determining appropriate steps to take when seeking to build and develop in Prince Rupert.

Zoning Regulations

What you can do on your property is primarily determined by the City's Zoning Bylaw. Check out this page for more information.

Building + Development Permits

Here's your one stop shop for applications for both building and development in the City of Prince Rupert. Download our fillable form for quick/simple applications - but be sure to check in with staff to ensure your application is complete.

Find your property and the zoning that applies

Our GOMap application lets you look up information directly about your property and the regulations that apply to it. Find out which Zone you live in, and cross-reference that with our Zoning Bylaw to understand all of the specific rules.

Parking Regulations

The City is currently working to modernize parking regulations in our community. For more information on existing and proposed regulations, check out this page.

Official Community Plan

The City's OCP is the guiding document setting land use and community development priorities for the next decade or more. Check it out for more information.

All Application Forms

Your one-stop-shop for the City's available fillable forms. Note that it is highly recommended to review your application before submitting to staff to ensure it's complete.

Who should you contact for different services?

See below for a breakdown of the different ways our City Departments oversee your applications for building and development.

  • The Development Services Department at the City of Prince Rupert coordinates all applications and permits to the appropriate City department.

  • The Planning Department reviews applications pertaining to Land Use and applications or permits to change or relax existing regulations – applications to amend the Official Community Plan or Zoning BylawDevelopment PermitsDevelopment Variance Permits, and Minor Signs/Minor Works Permits (application for minor signs/works is the same as a Development Permit)

  • Any work involving City Land requires approval of the City’s Operations Department. Subdivision and stratification, for instance, must be approved by the Approving Officer in the Operations Department.

  • The approval of the Building Department is required* for any work involving:

    • the design, construction and occupancy of new buildings, structures and plumbing systems; and,

    • the alteration, reconstruction, demolition, removal, relocation and occupancy of existing buildings, structures and plumbing systems

*unless exempted under the Building Code or the City of Prince Rupert’s Building Bylaw.