Economic Development Office

With Prince Rupert surging forward as one of North America’s fastest growing ports, it is an exciting time to do business in our City. The City of Prince Rupert strives to provide assistance for business start-up, expansion or relocation to Prince Rupert. We believe our services provide the means for all residents to increase their standard of living, and provide leadership in creating the conditions for a thriving economy including encouraging a skilled labour force, a modern infrastructure and an attractive quality of life. We also work in close partnership with business and the Provincial and Federal governments to achieve these goals.

Prince Rupert Economic Development Office works to make Prince Rupert and the surrounding area the premier location for new business ventures. As the communities lead economic development agency, we work with businesses to facilitate growth, expedite local, national and international business investment development opportunities, collaborate with all levels of government and promote sustainable economic growth.

Business Resource Portal

Looking to start a business in Prince Rupert? We have an online toolkit that's right for you! Check out our investment portal at: to learn more about Prince Rupert's advantages, the economic climate, opportunities and resources to s

Business Faade Grant Program

The City offers grants of up to $5,000 for exterior improvements to businesses, funded through a grant from NDIT. For the current status of the program, check out this page.

Downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption Program

The City offers tax exemptions to eligible businesses looking to redevelop their buildings in the downtown core. Learn more about this program and if you may be eligible.

Properties for Sale

The City and our Development Corporation Legacy Inc have a number of properties that are currently for sale or lease. For more information, click through here.

Prince Rupert Economic Development Office

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Paul Vendittelli

Director of Economic Development and Transportation

City of Prince Rupert

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