Update to Bylaw Adjudication System

Mon, March 20, 2023

The way the City adjudicates Bylaw tickets has officially gotten simpler for both residents and the City. See below for more information on changes to the way tickets can be issued and disputed. 

  • Disputes have moved from a court-based process to an adjudication system – which is simpler, faster, and more convenient for our staff and for folks getting the ticket. There will no longer be a requirement for court dates or in-person hearings, and there will be options throughout the process to do everything online.
  • Payment of tickets is NOT VOLUNTARY– you just have the option to dispute them. If you haven’t disputed after the date will be noted on your ticket, it will be assumed that you’ve accepted fault for the bylaw infraction and you’ll have to pay. This has always been the case – but now, instead of potentially being taken to court, we’ve moved to an adjudication system, which is less hassle for everyone.
  • After you receive your ticket, you can either pay the ticket (reduced penalty to pay within 14 days, full penalty after) OR you can dispute the ticket by submitting an online form, which will also be available at the front desk of City Hall. For more details on how the adjudication process works and what happens after you file a dispute, check out the full brochure on our website: https://princerupert.ca/bylawdispute 
    • Note – we don’t advise disputing a ticket unless you believe it was issued in error. If the ticket was issued because you were clearly in violation of a bylaw, it will stand.
  • Tickets can also now be mailed, with no requirements to serve in person. This will make it much easier for us to enforce bylaws with folks out of town.
  • Unpaid fines can be sent to collections. If you have paid a ticket but aren’t sure if the payment will get there in time, please let our staff know. 

Did you know? We have an app for payment at Rushbrook parking area as well AND a parking wayfinding brochure that tells you where you can park and the different time limits. Download “Passage Pass” in your app store to pay for parking at Rushbrook with the click of a button, and check out this page of our website for more information on the parking time limits and options in downtown, Cow Bay and Rushbrook: https://princerupert.ca/business_development/developing_building/parking_requirements