Recreation Access Program

The City's Recreation Access subsidy program helps individuals and families in need access sport, arts, and cultural activities at our Rec Complex at a reduced rate - to ensure that everyone has the ability to enjoy recreation in Prince Rupert.  Fees are subsidized 90% for children/youth and 50% for adults. Each eligible family member will receive 50 free admissions annually to be used for Civic Centre gymnasium, swimming or skating. Funding is provided on a first come, first served basis until all budgeted amounts have been allocated. The application process is confidential and objective (eligibility is based solely on financial need).

For those looking to give back to recreation in the community, donations to the program are tax deductible

If you have questions about the program, or want to book an intake appointment to review your application, call (250) 624 6707. A copy of the form is available below for download, or on site at the Rec Complex. 

Apply for the Recreation Access Program!

How to Apply

Important Information

  • All applications will be held in the strictest confidence. Upon confirmation of income, all copies of documents will be destroyed.
  • Subsidy (90% for Children/Youth and 50% for Adults) funding can be used towards either memberships, visit passes or registered programs.
  • Once you are registered in a program, any withdrawal/refund/cancellation not supported by a medical certificate will mean that you will only receive the portion of your financial contribution back; the subsidy contribution will not be returned for future registrations. In addition, if you do not attend a registered program for which subsidy funding has been provided without cancellation, future subsidy requests and applications may not be approved.
  • Approved applications are valid for one year, and will be reviewed annually before renewal.