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Prince Rupert black trash bins with coat of arms and serial number stamped on the side.

Residents may request a larger garbage bin for their household

Beginning January 1st 2022, household garbage will only be collected if placed into the garbage bins provided by the City to residents. The City has heard from a number of residents who feel that they need more capacity for their weekly garbage collection than the default bin (120L) allows. To accommodate those residents, a larger (240L) bin can be delivered to those households who request one. 

Before you request a larger bin, please be aware that additional fees will be applied to your solid waste account to cover the cost of the bin delivery and increased service level.

These fees are:

  • $10 one-time bin exchange fee
  • $100 surcharge on annual solid waste collection utility fee

The City recommends that all residents try to recycle as much of their waste as possible before requesting a larger bin.

Doing your part to recycle is not only good for the environment, but also significantly reduces expenses for the City and local taxpayers. The development, maintenance, and operation of the City landfill is very expensive, and so it’s important that we all do what we can to extend the life of those facilities as much as possible. The development of the latest landfill cell has cost the City and local taxpayers over $10 million dollars to construct, so extending the lifespan of that infrastructure by recycling is in everyone’s interest.

If you’re certain that you’d like a larger bin for your curbside garbage collection, please fill in the form below, and you’ll be added to the queue for replacement in early 2022. Please note that you’ll need to provide the serial number printed on your existing bin in order to complete your request, as shown here:

Bin serial number and Prince Rupert Coat of Arms stamped on a bin.

Request a Bin