Notice of Temporary Use Permit

Wed, April 27, 2022

As per Section 494 of the Local Government Act and Section 94 of the Community Charter,  notice is hereby given that the City is considering an application for a Temporary Use Permit at the property legally described as: LOT 2 BLOCK 11 SECTION 6 DISTRICT LOT 251 RANGE 5 COAST DISTRICT PLAN 923

Purpose: The owner of the subject property (see map) has requested to house a storage container on the owner’s private property for a period of six months.

This  application will be considered at the May 30th Council Meeting. Copies of the permit application may be viewed at the front desk of City Hall starting April 28th until 4:00 pm on May 30th.  All persons who deem themselves affected by the Temporary Use Permit may  present written submissions respecting the Application.  All submissions (mailed, or electronic) must be received by  Rosamaria Miller, Corporate Administrator by no later than 4:30 p.m. on Monday, May  30th.  Please mail to City of Prince Rupert, 424 3rd Avenue West Prince Rupert, B.C. V8J 1L7 or email to