Notice of Proposed Radio Tower

Mon, July 25, 2022

The City of Prince Rupert is planning construction of a new radio tower adjacent to the existing reservoirs on Montreal Circle.  The new 30 metre (100 foot) high tower will allow establishing of a radio network to support the operation of the City’s water and wastewater pump stations and will enhance the communication network between these facilities.  The proposed location is at 54º19’07”N, 130º17’35”W, as shown in the above map.  This proposed tower is in keeping with the objectives of the City’s Antenna System (Tower) Policy, Number 300-03.

At present, most of this communication to the City pump stations is completed using Telus leased lines, with dedicated copper wiring.  This method of communication is not adequately reliable and is no longer well supported.  There are no other radio towers in the vicinity which are suitable for the purpose.  Our antennas on the structure will be small “yagi” style antennas.

The planned tower will be designed and installed in accordance with the good engineering practices in CSA S37 Antennas, Towers, and Antenna-Supporting Structures and equipped with anti-climb measures. We will ensure the tower is visible for pilots of aircraft, as required by Transport Canada; at this point we expect that the tower will be equipped with a pair of low-intensity red LED lights for nighttime visibility and medium-intensity white LED lights for daytime visibility.

The City of Prince Rupert is committed to protection of public health, and will install and operate this radio installation in compliance with Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, including consideration of combined effects with the local radio environment.

This tower is excluded from the requirements of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act since it will comply with Paragraph 20(1) of Schedule 1 in the Exclusion List Regulations.

General information relating to antenna systems is available at 

Should you have any questions about this project, or wish to submit written comment, you should do so prior to August 16th, 2022. Please mark your submission with “Prince Rupert Montreal Circle Antenna Proposal”.

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