Notice of Change to Garbage/Recycling Pick Up Next Week

Wed, September 21, 2022

Given the upcoming holiday on Friday of next week (September 30th), please note that your garbage/recycling day will be a day earlier next week. See below for our Waste/Recycling Map for quick reference.

For the pink/white zones - your pick up has moved from Tuesday to Monday; for the dark blue and orange zones, pick up has moved from Wednesday to Tuesday; for the Light Blue and Red zones, pick up has moved from Thursday to Wednesday, and for the Green and Yellow zones, your pick up has moved from Friday to Thursday. 

The schedule will go back to normal again next week. To sign up for regular reminders, download the Recycle Coach app and sign up for push notifications that will give you a heads up like this one about changes in schedule, and send you reminders every week for garbage/recycling day. Search Recycle Coach in your app store to download.