Transfer of Lots to Legacy Inc Could Spur Hundreds of New Homes in Prince Rupert

Wed, March 23, 2022

The City has released a notice of its intent to transfer a number of parcels of land to its wholly owned development corporation, Prince Rupert Legacy Inc (Legacy) in order to promote potential housing and development in key undeveloped areas. The areas proposed for transfer include City-owned properties at the area at the end of 11th Avenue East, an area above the old Westview school (an extension of Alpine Drive), and an area of lands adjacent to Shawatlans Road (the road leading to the Industrial site).

“We know there is a big housing shortage in town and it’s time for the City to step up in a big way to help,” said Mayor Lee Brain. “We own quite a bit of property, and dedication of lands via a Housing or Development Corporation is a key opportunity to sell lands large enough to potentially accommodate hundreds of new homes.”

If the transfer goes forward, over the coming months Legacy Inc will be inviting developers to make offers to purchase parcels of land for purposes that meet the City’s Official Community Plan. Lands to accommodate both housing and smaller industrial businesses are notably in short supply. Two of the areas are primarily zoned R2, Residential, and the third (adjacent to the industrial site) is currently zoned both M2 Industrial and P1 Public Use.  Interested parties can contact Legacy Director Robert Buchan at  for more information.

New development not only will benefit the community through providing new housing options as well as locations for industrial development, but it will also provide additional tax revenue to the City, and sales revenue to Prince Rupert Legacy Inc – which can then be transferred to the City as annual dividends for infrastructure renewal and revitalization projects.  Additional information about Legacy and the community benefit it provides is available on the City’s website.

Anyone wishing to speak to the land transfer is invited to contact the Corporate Administrator via writing to City Hall or via email to The full legal notice will be in this and next week’s paper, and is up on our website.



Prince Rupert Legacy Inc. was founded in 2014 and is overseen by a Board of Directors comprised of senior City staff. The intent of the Corporation is to develop property, which is an activity above and beyond the City’s core services. Legacy then transfers dividends to the City to finance large one-time, non-recurring capital expenses, such as the replacement of critical infrastructure like roads, as well as future water and sewer upgrades, so that these multi-million dollar expenses are not borne solely by tax and utility revenue creating unpredictable levies.

For more information, check out this FAQ and information sheet on our website.


See maps attached below for property details. Note that hatched areas of the maps are NOT City-owned, and not part of the proposed property disposition.


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