Paving to Start Next Week

Thu, August 4, 2022

Starting next Monday, our contractors will begin work on the City’s annual paving program, with pavement being milled/removed from the areas slated for replacement to start, followed by road rehab (where necessary) and repaving. The first areas planned to be tackled will be on the east side, and paving will be happening between 7 am - 7 pm Monday through Saturday. Keep an eye out for traffic signage and controllers.

The full list of areas to be repaved is below. Please note that this list is not inclusive of pothole repairs, which are ongoing.

  • 800 – 900 Block Prince Rupert Blvd
  • Frederick Street and 7th Ave E
  • 6th Ave E
  • Overlook Street and 6th Ave E
  • 500 Block 7th Ave E
  • 700 Block 7th Ave E
  • 600 Block Fulton St
  • 800 Block Summit Ave
  • 1300 Block Summit Ave
  • Grenville Court
  • 100 Block 1st Ave West (in front of Museum)
  • Cow Bay Road and Bridge