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The City of Prince Rupert understands that our community is in serious need of more housing, and for the past several years has been working to not only encourage the Province to invest in additional non-market/affordable units, and has also listed a number of City-held lots for sale in order to free up new lands for development within the City's limited urban footprint. 

Following the adoption of a Housing Strategy (linked below) in 2021, the City has been carrying out a number of the recommendations provided to us - including the adoption of a Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw for downtown, removal of permitting and development fees for construction resulting in the creation of new units, and the adoption of a Rental Licensing and Maintenance Standards Bylaw intended to reduce potential future loss of rental housing. Council has also approved changes to the City's Zoning Bylaw to permit Secondary Suites in two-family homes (duplexes) and lock-off suites in multi-family homes (3+ principle units) and to allow housing to be built from modular units on permanent foundations.

The City has also now completed a Housing Needs Assessment, which identifies the number and type of different units required over the next five years in Prince Rupert.

Housing Needs Report - December 2022

In 2023, the City will use this Assessment and the Interim Housing Strategy to direct future City efforts at attracting and encouraging housing development across the spectrum of housing. 

If you are interested in developing housing in Prince Rupert or implementing a suite, please visit  Developing in Prince Rupert or reach out to the Development Services Department at 250 627-0946 or Customer.Service@princerupert.ca.


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Interim Housing Strategy - Adopted February 2021 

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City Held Properties for Sale


For more information on available lots held by Prince Rupert Legacy Inc., please contact Paul Vendittelli at paul.vendittelli@princerupert.ca or call (250) 627 5138.


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Rental Maintenance and Licensing Standards

Prince Rupert City Council has approved a Business Regulation and Licensing (Rental Units) Bylaw 3476, 2021 to regulate the rental of rooms for living purposes and to prescribe standards for the maintenance of residential property and rental units. This Bylaw is intended to address the serious shortage of affordable market rental accommodations and ‘renoviction’ trend in Prince Rupert.