Becoming a Global Community


To empower this bold vision of a resilient and thriving community, the City of Prince Rupert is soliciting investment that will generate revenues, create employment, and also align with our focus on building a sustainable future. The growth of port-related projects and potential LNG development are currently drawing global interest towards our community. The City of Prince Rupert also controls  port-related properties such as DL Lot 444 (2200 acres) and Watson Island (280 acres), which are potential sites for future development. The City vision is to work towards securing and promoting future investment that is economically diverse, so that going forward our community can weather the inevitable ups and downs of a globalized economy.

Within the next few decades, it has been projected that passage through new global trading routes via the Northern Sea Route (above Russia), the Northwest Passage (above Canada) and the Arctic will become increasingly more accessible. The global implications of these new possibilities are only beginning to emerge, but there is significant possibility that global trade will head north in the 21st Century. Prince Rupert is strategically located to be the next global port for these new emerging trading routes due to reduced shipping times, a naturally deep ice free harbour, and intercontinental rail and road connectivity throughout North America. 

The City’s long-term Hays 2.0 vision seeks to build upon Prince Rupert’s global competitive advantages, contributing to the national trade network and enriching Canadian-international partnerships.

In this section, discover our global competitive advantage and new global trade routes emerging in the 21st Century:


Asia-Pacific Trade Gateway

Closer by up to 3 days sailing than any other port on the coast of North America, Prince Rupert’s status as a gateway to the Asia-Pacific is among the most entrenched of our current trade advantages. (read more...)

Northern Passage / Arctic Gateway

Within the next few decades, it has been suggested that the global trading system will have the ability to move north due to advancements in technology and receding ice, greatly reducing shipping time and expense. (read more...)