Eat Street and Public Washroom Opens Downtown

Tue, March 8, 2022

The fencing is down, food trucks are in place, and the facilities are open at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 7th Street downtown at the new Eat Street location. The project is a partnership between the City and Prince Rupert Aboriginal Community Services Society (PRACSS) – meeting the dual objectives of activating public space, and ensuring that there are adequate facilities for those spending time downtown.

“The Eat Street and public washroom project are one more small step we are taking to activate our 2030 Vision,” said Mayor Lee Brain. “The City had already been looking for opportunities to activate a lot in the downtown core, and took advantage of the opportunity when PRACSS approached us about opening a washroom to offer additional amenities and a dedicated space for local food trucks.”

In addition to the food trucks and seating they provide individually, the City will be placing planters to activate the formerly empty lot and make the space more inviting. The Urbaloo (public washroom) portion of the project was installed thanks to funding from the Government of Canada's Reaching Home:  Canada’s Homelessness Strategy, which has a local indigenous-focused program in Prince Rupert, managed by PRACSS. 

“We are happy to see this project come to fruition,” said Miranda Kessler, Reaching Home Program Coordinator. “Access to washrooms is something that was almost entirely cut off for people experiencing homelessness during the pandemic. It’s a fundamental piece of a dignified life that most people take for granted.”

Prince Rupert Aboriginal Community Services Society approached the City in February of 2021 with the opportunity to direct $220,000 in grant funding towards an all weather washroom facility in the downtown core – specifically to support those experiencing homelessness in Prince Rupert.  The funding provided for the project was specifically intended to address issues for those experiencing homelessness that were exacerbated by the COVID 19 pandemic.



(Pictured Above - Trishan's Food Truck, the Mayor, City Staff Jordan Schmidt, and the owners of Robbie's Food Truck gathered to mark the opening of the Eat Street location)



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Press Release - Eat Street and Public Washroom Opens Downtown