City Leases MacCarthy GM Building for Public Works Relocation

Thu, March 24, 2022

Existing Facilities Sustaining Significant Leaks

The City has begun it’s first steps to move our Public Works operation to the vacated MacCarthy GM Building, with a 5 year lease for the property signed this week, including an exclusive option for purchase. This lease option is anticipated to save the City significant time as a fully new build of a Public Works facility would first require identifying appropriate lands, to be followed by architectural designs and obtaining contracting services.

“The City has long been looking for a permanent solution to address the failing building stock at the Wantage Road Public Works yard,” said Mayor Lee Brain. “The former vehicle dealership is a more efficient option for the City, and an ideal location for crews given its large parking lot and well-kept building infrastructure. It’s also a more central location, which will mean the City has a more visible presence in the community.”

The project will upgrade the existing facilities to Public Works requirements – including integrated office spaces, warehousing infrastructure, washroom upgrades, locker and lunchroom area renovations and other minor updates.  

In 2018, the City’s had invested a set of used ATCO trailers as an interim solution to house staff, following discovery of maintenance issues with the existing facility that were beyond repair. In the meantime, Management worked to find a more permanent and suitable solution for housing its over 60 staff members. The existing Wantage Road facilities will still be used for fleet storage and materials, with staff offices and primary work areas moving to the new location.

The $750,000 in anticipated costs for the project are being covered by a dividend from Prince Rupert Legacy Inc., the City’s wholly owned Development Corporation.


(Pictured Above: Mayor Lee Brain and Director of Operations and Intergovernmental Relations Richard Pucci standing in front of the new Public Works location)



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Press Release - City Leases MacCarthy GM Building for Public Works Relocation