Purchasing and Tenders



City Opportunities Posted to BC Bid

Please note that the City's tender packages, Requests for Proposals, and other bidding requests are posted to BC Bid at: https://www.bcbid.gov.bc.ca/


City Purchasing

In order to obtain needed supplies and services efficiently and economically, the City of Prince Rupert follows clearly defined purchasing procedures and tender receiving policies. See below for more information on our Purchasing and Tender Receiving Policies.

Purchasing Policy

The City of Prince Rupert Purchasing Procedures is intended for use in the City’s purchase of all goods and services. Established policies and procedures enable the City to obtain needed supplies and services efficiently and economically.

Tender Receiving Policy

The City of Prince Rupert follows the recommended procedures and guidelines for use in the receipt/opening process as generally accepted by the Public Construction Council of B.C. The following is the summary of the most popular points for vendors/suppliers for the City.

View the complete version of the City of Prince Rupert Purchasing Policy and Procedures.

Receiving of Tenders:

All tenders must be submitted in a sealed envelope and properly identified as a tender. Faxed tenders are not acceptable, only faxed revisions to an original tender may be accepted.

Revisions to the tenders are to be attached to the relevant submission. All revisions to the tender sum must show an increase or reduction only. This must be in writing and not verbal.

If there is a telephone facsimile machine available to the bidders every effort should be made to keep the line or lines open. However, the onus is on the bidders to make revisions to the tender on time.

Revisions to Tenders:

Any revisions to a tender must be submitted in writing prior to the time of receipt of tenders. A change in price must state only the difference to be added or deducted. The revised price must not be stated. A telex, facsimile, or telegram is acceptable.

Telephoned revisions to a tender price, including those that may originate from telegrams, are not acceptable. The City must receive the written confirmation at the place designated for the receipt of tenders prior to the designated closing time.

Opening of Tenders:

Tender opening shall at all times be formal, correct, and well documented. Two City Staff members should be the minimum number in attendance.

The Opening:

No reasonable request for attendance at the tender opening shall be refused. No further tenders are to be received after the close has been announced and no corrections or revisions to any of the bids are to be permitted.

The presence of the bond is to be checked before the price is read out. If the bond is not present the tender is to be put aside and not considered. The price is not to be read out and the tender is to be declared invalid. The tender is to be checked to ensure that the bidder is named, that the written amount and the amount in numbers are the same and the signatures are present. If these items are not correct, the tender is to be declared invalid.

The tenders are not to be made available to the public. Information contained in the tender will not be given to the public until an award or final disposition has been reached.

All tenders submitted late shall be returned to the sender unopened by the City staff/consultant with the tender envelope stamped or written “Late Tender Unopened” together with a covering letter giving details. For other tenders that are disqualified, letters of notification are to be sent to the senders giving details. Under no circumstances is the City staff to give an indication of the tender being awarded to the low bidder or any bidder.

Review of Tenders:

Tenders that were opened are to be carefully analyzed for compliance with the contract documents. The City reserves the right to waive informalities in, or reject any or all tenders, or accept any tender deemed most favorable to the interest of the City.

Any changes or qualifications made to the tender form may be the cause of disqualification. Any errors, omissions or other non-compliance considered to give a bidder an unfair advantage or that do not meet the requirements of the tender documents may be grounds for rejection.

Post-Tender Negotiations:

The tender authority may negotiate changes to the document with the lowest qualified bidder only and between them and their named sub-trade bidders.

Award Recommendation:

The recommendation for award of purchase or supply contract, after evaluation of all proposals is complete, should be addressed to the City Manager and Chief Financial Officer. The recommendation should be made jointly by the Departments and the Requisitioning Supervisor or Department Head. This process is designed only for those limits that require City Manager, Chief Financial Officer or Council approval.