The City of Prince Rupert has staff and services available to help facilitate business and development in our community. Our City Hall employees are available to help you understand Council policies, and the rules and regulations that govern land use according to the City’s OCP and Zoning Bylaw, as well as resources to assist you in conducting business in Prince Rupert. 

Looking to open a business in Prince Rupert?

We have an online toolkit that's right for you! Check out our investment portal via the links below or directly at to learn more about Prince Rupert's advantages, the economic climate, opportunities and resources to support your business. 



Additional Resources for Businesses:

See below for a number of programs and resources available to Prince Rupert's business community. 

Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw

Business Facade Improvement Program

Economic Development Office

Prince Rupert Advantages and Opportunities

Make Prince Rupert Home - Attraction and Retention Initiative (Free Job Board)


Developing and Building in Prince Rupert

The City of Prince Rupert has rules and procedures to guide developers operating in our community. The following sections will help to guide you in determining appropriate steps to take when seeking to build and develop in Prince Rupert. (read more...)

Business Licenses

Those who wish to set up a trade or a business in the City of Prince Rupert are required to apply for a trade license. Please complete the trade license application and return it to Customer Services at City Hall along with the required fees. (read more...)

Purchasing and Tenders

In order to obtain needed supplies and services efficiently and economically, the City of Prince Rupert follows clearly defined purchasing procedures and tender receiving policies. This page contains our Active Tenders as well as more information on our Purchasing and Tender Receiving Policies. (read more...)

Cannabis Retail Regulations

As of October 17th, 2018, the use of recreational marijuana is legal in Canada, as per Federal regulation. In response, Provincial and Municipal governments have developed local legal frameworks to manage cannabis distribution and sales.

Major Projects

Information relating to major projects currently in progress with the City of Prince Rupert

Business Façade Improvement Program

** Please note - the 2023 Business Façade Improvement Program will not be available this year due to lack of available grant funding. Contact the Economic Development Office for more information on future application opportunities and other incentive programs.

City Held Properties for Sale

The City of Prince Rupert has provided notice to the public and received Council approval to sell the subject properties listed below. See bottom of page for purchase/sale stipulations. Please note given the intent with these properties is to encourage infill residential development, contracts of sale will have stipulations regarding timelines for construction as well as use of the properties for residential development.