Statement Regarding Eagle Deaths at the Prince Rupert Landfill

News Release

Recently, the City discovered that a deleterious substance was dumped in the liquid waste site at the local landfill by a third party. We immediately notified all appropriate authorities and mitigated the risk to the local environment and wildlife with all means available to us. The identification of the substance is still under investigation.

The same day, the City staff started the cleanup and hired an environmental consultant to assist with material identification and a long-term action plan. The City is thankful that this spill was contained to the pond and has not been released into the environment through the outfall. Tragically, 19 eagles perished due to this event, which was a devastating outcome that deeply impacted our staff. We also understand the cultural importance of eagles and all wildlife to our local First Nations and the distressing impact this will have on many residents. We are working closely with the Ministry of Environment and Environment Canada and Climate Change to identify mitigations and controls that will prevent this type of incident in future. We are also reworking a past information campaign to raise awareness about the disposal of deleterious substances.