Help Us Plan for Climate Change

News Release

The City of Prince Rupert is making a Climate Adaptation and Action Plan to prepare our community to face climate hazards like intense storms, floods, and wildfires/related hazards. You can help us by marking climate hazards on our interactive map, linked below.

How will this help?

Climate risks are shaped by location. For example, neighbourhoods with more green spaces to absorb water are better prepared for heavy storms than those that don't have them. Some areas of Prince Rupert are more prone to landslides than others, depending on the stability of slopes. Coastal areas are prone to land loss as sea level rises.

The information you provide will help us improve our understanding of how extreme weather is affecting and could affect different areas of our community. We will use this information to design actions to prepare Prince Rupert to face these hazards.

How do you participate?

Use the mapping tool (linked below), mark areas where you are concerned about the impact of climate change and extreme weather and tell us why. You can place pins related to extreme weather events Prince Rupert has already experienced, as well as your concerns about the future.

To place a pin on locations that you have concerns about, click the plus sign in the left-hand panel and answer some questions about your concerns.

Click the link below to submit the areas you care about in our Climate Hazard Map exercise, and thank you in advance for sharing your information!

Link to Climate Hazard Map Activity