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Redesign Rupert 2030 Vision

The aim of the Redesign Rupert process was to create a collaborative vision for the future of Prince Rupert in order to solve some of the community’s biggest challenges and present new ideas for civic growth and development. This process culminated in the development of a 2030 Vision Document that laid out a Vision Statement as well as a number of goals and objectives for the City as well as our community partners to take in order to move Prince Rupert forward. 

Developed in partnership with the Prince Rupert Port Authority, DP World, Ridley Terminals Inc, and Ray-Mont Logistics, the Prince Rupert 2030 Vision will act as a roadmap for the next 10 years of planning & development in Prince Rupert, and fed into the City's 2021 renewal of our Official Community Plan, Zoning Bylaw, and Development Permit Guidelines. 

For the full 2030 Vision document, as well as information on the Labour Market Study and Community Recruitment Brand initiatives, go to:

History of the Initiative

Phase I

Redesign Rupert began in 2016 with Phase I, led by the Community Development Institute at the University of Northern BC. Phase I of Redesign Rupert surveyed the community asking two important questions: “What makes Prince Rupert a great place to live?” and “What changes would you like to see in Prince Rupert in the future?” The information generated in this process allowed the Redesign Rupert team to develop five major themes for further investigation: children, youth, and families; community culture and heritage; economy and livelihoods; housing; and public spaces. The CDI’s findings are below: 

Redesign Rupert Recharge - Final Report

In Fall/Winter of 2016, the City contracted a design firm to conduct a public engagement to reimagine the City's downtown and waterfront. The final 17-foot long map was revealed in February of 2017, providing a vision of the future development of shared public areas. Over their 4-day intensive process to create the designs, the design team, led by the Planning Partnership, held over 20 meetings, including three public presentations. A presentation of the designs and a graphic of the 17-foot map are linked below. 

Presentation - Downtown and Waterfront Designs 
Full Map - Downtown and Waterfront Designs 

Phase II

Phase II of Redesign Rupert was launched in August of 2018 and will be focusing on three main categories that have the potential to improve quality of life in Prince Rupert: downtown revitalization; waterfront development & access; and improved access to human capital, skills upgrading, and professional development.

Phase II of Redesign Rupert was about working with industrial stakeholders, citizens, community partners, and local businesses to address the challenges under each of these themes. By forming strategic partnerships and working with community stakeholders, Phase II of Redesign Rupert had three goals:

Redesign Goals

  1. Revitalize the downtown core through strategic investment & partnerships
  2. Develop new waterfront access points for the citizens of Prince Rupert
  3. Introduce strategies to address a community-wide human capital shortage 

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