Council Summary - February 6th, 2023

Tue, February 7, 2023

Did you miss last night's Council Meeting? See below for a summary of the main items from the agenda. 

  • Council held a public hearing at 6pm regarding a proposed Zoning Bylaw amendment to allow temporary use of shipping containers in certain zones. For additional information on the proposed amendment, head to: No members of the public attended.
  • Council adopted the Style Guideline Policy for Wayfinding Signage, developed by Tourism Prince Rupert – which will now guide all wayfinding signage developed in Prince Rupert. For more information on Tourism Prince Rupert’s related wayfinding and entrance signage project, which was fully funded through grants, head to:
  • Council approved supporting an application for funding to UBCM for Emergency Support Services Capacity funding, to support the integration of ESS Volunteer management into the existing role of the Victim Services Manager at the City.
  • Council voted to provide a letter of support to Tourism Prince Rupert to support their Kayak and Canoe launch project, as well as specific support to an application to Northern Development Initiative Trust. This support was provided contingent upon the approval of the 2023 budget.
  • Council deferred the 3rd reading of the Zoning Amendment Bylaw 3504 regarding the removal of parking minimums from a parking specified area in the downtown, with the exception of residential-only buildings, until such time as staff are able to meet with concerned citizens.
  • Following the public hearing held at 6 pm, Council gave 3rd reading to Zoning Amendment Bylaw 3505 regarding the temporary use of shipping containers. Council will consider final reading of the bylaw at a future meeting. Council also requested a future report be provided on the use of shipping containers in other, and specifically P1, zones, as well as the potential for the delegation of some authority to staff for issuance of temporary use permits.
  • Council voted to give First, Second and Third readings to the City’s Fire Control and Protection Amendment Bylaw 3515, which proposes amendments relating to the previously-noted shipping container Zoning Amendment. Council will consider final reading of the bylaw at a future meeting.
  • Council voted to provide a letter of support to the North Coast Ecology Centre Society towards a funding application to the PRPA Community Investment Fund. The application is to support a pop-up ecology centre like that offered last year, which is proposed to be included as part of the container market proposed for Atlin promenade by Tourism Prince Rupert this spring/summer.
  • Council voted to provide a letter to appropriate authorities requesting the protection of salmon habitat, and employment of a ‘wild salmon strategy’ to address salmon escapement up-river.

Looking for additional details on any of the above items? Check out our agendas page to find the full agenda packages with detailed staff reports included: