British Columbia has long been famous as one of the world's finest sport fishing destinations, with several local tour operators available to accommodate tourism needs. Visitors also come here for the province’s spectacular beauty of our long coastline, with its countless islands, narrow fiords and white sand beaches. British Columbia’s wild and lonely Pacific shores seem to go on forever. Prince Rupert was the former Halibut Capital of the World, well known for its abundance of fish--especially halibut, salmon and crab.




Fishing Resources

In order to abide by Canadian fishing regulations, please see below for resources to obtain an appropriate licence for the type of fishing you would like to do.


For salt water fishing:

A Salt Water Fishing License is required to fish in Canadian salt waters. This license is issued by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Pacific Region).

For fresh water fishing:

A Fresh Water Fishing License is required to fish in fresh waters in British Columbia. This license is issued by the Ministry of Environment, Fish and Wildlife.

Tidal information:

Tide information is provided by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.