July 2022

Notice of Proposed Public Notice Bylaw

In accordance with Section 94(2) of the Community Charter, the City is proposing to adopt a Public Notice Bylaw. Where statutory notification is required by the Community Charter, the Bylaw would require public notice for a minimum of two weeks on the City’s website and Facebook page, and once in the local newspaper. This Bylaw would replace the current default publication requirement in Section 94(1) of a minimum of two weeks in a local newspaper.

Additional Traffic Impacts along McBride Corridor Starting Next Week

Thu, July 28, 2022

For at least the next two weeks, starting Tuesday, August 2nd (next week), significant traffic diversions will be in place in order to continue major water main upgrades along McBride Street (see map). McBride Street will be reduced from 4 lanes to 2, with corresponding reductions for through traffic to connecting streets. While construction is ongoing, preferred routes will be via 11th Avenue East, 8th Avenue East and via Cow Bay.

Notice of Proposed Radio Tower

The City of Prince Rupert is planning construction of a new radio tower adjacent to the existing reservoirs on Montreal Circle.  The new 30 metre (100 foot) high tower will allow establishing of a radio network to support the operation of the City’s water and wastewater pump stations and will enhance the communication network between these facilities.  The proposed location is at 54º19’07”N, 130º17’35”W, as shown in the above map.  This proposed tower is in keeping with the objectives of the City’

Notice of Closed Council Meeting - July 25th, 2022

Notice is hereby given that there will be a Closed Council Meeting July 25, 2022 at 5:00 pm at City Hall. 

THAT Council hereby declares that the meeting held at 5:00 p.m. on July 25, 2022 is to be closed to the public and that the basis of this closure is that the item(s) on the agenda of this meeting comply with the following closed meeting criteria specified in Section 90 of the Community Charter: