December 2021

Catch Basins

Fall and winter months mean heavier rain and snow in Prince Rupert. With falling leaves and other debris, clogged catch basins can lead to flooded streets and garbage/debris washing into waterways.


catch basin

Notice of Closed Council Meeting - November 30, 2021

RESOLUTION TO EXCLUDE THE PUBLIC THAT Council hereby declares that the meeting held at 6:00 p.m. on November 30, 2021 is to be closed to the public and that the basis of this closure is that the item(s) on the agenda of this meeting comply with the following closed meeting criteria specified in Section 90 of the Community Charter:

90.1 (c) labour relations or other employee relations.


Notice of Closed Council Meeting - November 30, 2021

Storm Response Update

The City of Prince Rupert experienced a significant storm with severely high winds and precipitation over the last 24 hours. We recommend residents assess their property to check for any damage as a result of this weather event.

All available City staff and crews are out managing storm related issues and calls; thank you for your patience as we work to address these issues.


Be advised The City of Prince Rupert is experiencing sustained and severely high winds with precipitation. People are encouraged to secure any loose items around their residences that may become airborne. Please be mindful of hazards from above and use caution when outside.


Updates will be posted as available.