External Job Postings

The job postings here are open to the general public. We invite applications or resumes for external career opportunities from anyone who is interested. For clarification of the application policy, please read the Application Policy for the City of Prince Rupert.

Those interested in applying for an available position are invited to contact the corresponding department via City Hall. Please read the job posting for more details.

Due to the number of applications received, we regret that we can only contact those who succeed to the interview stage.


Latest External Job Postings:

Customer Service Manager (December 15th)

Victim Services - Assistant Coordinator (December 9th)

Clerical Assistant RCMP (December 2nd)

Pipefitter (November 28th)

Accountant - Casual (Until Filled)

Operations Manager(s) (3 positions - Until Filled)

Skate Patrol Seasonal (Until Filled)

Ice Maker II (Until Filled)

Lifeguard Instructor I or II (until filled)


Past External Job Postings:

Planning Manager (Closed)

Executive Assistant (Closed)

RCMP Detachment Clerk (Closed)

Casual Facility Custodian I (Closed)

Assistant Operations Manager (Public Works) (Closed)

Temporary Clerk II (Closed)

Casual Facilities Custodian (Closed)

Camp Positions with Recreation (Closed)

Firefighter (Closed)

Collector - Permanent (Closed)

Storeskeeper (Public Works) (Closed)

Collector - Temporary Position (Closed)

911 Dispatcher - Casual (Closed)

911 Dispatcher - Casual (Closed)

RCMP Guard - Casual (Closed)

Deckhand/Relief Engineer (Closed)

Assistant Operations Manager (Closed)

Facility Custodian I - Casual (Closed)

Lifeguard Instructor I to II (Closed)

Utilities Coordinator (Closed)

After School Program Leader (Closed)

Casual Clerk II Recreation (Closed)

City Planner (Closed)

Clerical Assistant – RCMP (Closed)

City Manager (Closed)

Facilities & Maintenance Manager (Closed)

Recreation Community Services Manager (Closed)

RCMP Guard - Casual (Closed)

Facility Custodian I - Casual (Closed)

Ice Maker II - Casual (Closed)

Ice Maker II (Closed)

Clerk II (Closed)

Equipment Operator II (Closed)

Labourer III (Closed)

Landfill Operator II (Closed)

Refuse Collector (Closed)

Stonemason (Closed)

Labourer 1 (Closed)

Summer Camp Leader (Closed)

Summer Camp Coordinator (Closed)

Guard 1 - Casual (Closed)

Mechanic (Closed)

Engineering Technologist Summer Student (Closed)

Engineering Technologist (Closed)

Victim Services Program Assistant (Closed)

Prince Rupert RCMP Office Manager (Closed)

Firefighter (Closed)

Bylaw Control Officer I (Closed)

Assistant Operations Manager (Closed)

911 Dispatcher - Casual (Closed)

Pipefitter (Closed)

Landfill Clerk/Labourer (Closed)

Clerk II - Casual (Closed)

Ice Maker II (Closed)

Facility Custodian I - Casual (Closed)

Director of Recreation & Community Services (Closed)

Regional Business Liaison - Community Futures Pacific Northwest and City Economic Development Office (Closed)

Casual Detachment Clerk - RCMP (Closed)

Utility Operator (Closed)

Engineering Technologist (Closed)

Camp Coordinator (Closed)

Camp Leader (Closed)

System Analyst (Closed)

Casual Employment - Public Works Department (Closed)

Spring Break Camp Leader (Closed)

Clerk III (Closed)

Lifeguard Instructor I or II (Closed)