Bylaw Enforcement

The City of Prince Rupert employs two Bylaw Officers who are responsible for bylaw enforcement within Prince Rupert. We have a full and detailed list of City bylaws online and at City Hall.

If you have a complaint regarding the violation of a City Bylaw, please contact the Bylaw Officer directly by calling or emailing via the contact below.


Bylaw Officer

Phone: 250-624 6852



Bylaw Vehicle

The City of Prince Rupert Bylaw Officer uses a Bylaw enforcement vehicle equipped with license plate recognition software – the equivalent of electronic chalking. The system uses specialized infrared cameras that are designed to take pictures of license plates, not people. The Dodge Van replaced the two aged vehicles used by Bylaw to enforce parking, animal control and general bylaw complaints.

The software allows the input of vehicle license numbers for pass holders at Rushbrook Improvement Area and other City operated parking lots. In this case, the software recognizes that these vehicles are permitted for this area and does not alert the Bylaw vehicle operator. A non-permitted vehicle will generate an alert that will require the operator to confirm a parking pass has been purchased.

In the case of a dispute the Bylaw Officer is able to generate a print-out that shows the map location of the first and second pictures along with such information as the plate number, GPS location, civic address, date, and violation.