Official Community Plan



An Official Community Plan (OCP) is the long-term vision and consolidation of Council’s objectives for land use, as well as the form and character of development. In simple terms, an OCP shows the future vision of a community and guides all land use planning and development towards this vision. Furthermore, the OCP identifies land use designations and types of development that Council considers appropriate.


For the full Official Community Plan and associated map, see below. 

Official Community Plan Bylaw (2021)

Official Community Plan - Long Range Land Use Map


The OCP sets the stage for the Zoning Bylaw, which clearly identifies what uses are permitted in different areas of to the City. Further regulations around form and character are defined by the City’s Development Permit Area Guidelines. These documents are used by City staff, as well as Mayor and Council, to regulate and guide decisions around community land use in Prince Rupert. 


Amending and Varying Land Use Regulations

As set out in Section 14 of the Local Government Act, community members have the right to apply to Council to vary or change the regulations, subject to public consultation and/or Council consideration. For more information on how to apply for an OCP or Zoning Amendment, check out our brochure on OCP and Zoning Amendment Application Procedures, linked below: 

Application Guide for OCP Amendment and Rezoning 

For more information about applying for a Development Permit, Development Variance Permit, or Development Permit Area Guidelines, please see our page on Permits and Applications