Application for Subdivision

Panorama of houses. There is an assortment of houses in a row. Most of the houses have multiple stories.

A subdivision alters the legal property boundaries of a parcel of land. Subdivision can include dividing a property into smaller lots, consolidating several lots into one lot, creating bare land strata or changing the alignment of an existing property line. As required by the Local Government Act and the Land Title Act, all subdivisions must be approved by the City of Prince Rupert appointed Approving Officer.

The process, for any subdivision project should begin with a discussion of your proposal with the Approving Officer and Development Services Staff. We can ensure that the zoning is correct for the proposed use, and discuss the fees, and the plans required for approval.

It is strongly encouraged that you discuss your development ideas and plans with City staff as soon as possible to avoid mistakes and to help your development occur in the best possible manner. They can provide valuable advice and direction, which may save you notable time and effort.

The length of time to consider a subdivision application depends on size and complexity.  During the preliminary consultations, a timeline will be determined, which could last from several weeks to several months. The process outlined on the flow charts to the left and further described on the following page can be used as a guideline to determine tasks, requirement and the length of time for each specific project.

The information requirements are determined on project by project basis. A general checklist is included in the application and more complete and accurate packages will improve the efficiency of review and evaluations. After the preliminary consultations, and when you feel you are ready to initiate the subdivision application, you will need to submit an application. A copy of the City of Prince Rupert Subdivision Application and Guidelines is linked below. The application must be accompanied with a non-refundable application fee. It is recommended that before the preliminary consultations, applicants review both the Zoning Bylaw and Subdivision Bylaw which are available at the City website or from the Development Services Clerk at City Hall.

Would you like to start an application?

Please find the City’s Subdivision Application and Guidelines below:

Subdivision Application and Guidelines (PDF)