Development Permit

A Development Permit is a tool the City uses to manage development— often protecting and promoting character of a neighborhood or area, protecting environmentally sensitive or hazardous areas, or lessening the impact of multifamily housing developments or development of industrial areas. A development permit allows a property owner to construct, renovate or make an addition to a structure on a property located within a Development Permit Area.

A local government designates an area in the Official Community Plan as a Development Permit Area and provides guidelines for that area. The City of Prince Rupert has several Development Permit Areas – covering Prince Rupert’s Multi-Family Residential, Industrial, Downtown, and Cow Bay areas. If your property is in a Development Permit Area, you need a Development Permit before you can:

  • Start construction, alteration, or addition to a building or structure;
  • Start development on property that meets criteria described in Development Permit Area guidelines.

Would you like to start an application?

Please find the City’s Development Permit Application and an informational brochure on the application process below:

Development Permit Application (PDF)

Brochure – Development Permit (PDF)