Snow Removal

Wed, December 22, 2021

During this high-volume snow event, we are plowing major roads, bus routes, and emergency routes first. Once those areas are clear, the plows work on non-emergency routes, and the grader works on widening the travel lanes. When you move your car to a side street, driveway, or garage, we can make sure snow along all routes is pushed back. During this break in the weather, we will be focusing on widening and clearing our bridges as a priority.

We want to thank all citizens who have done their part in keeping our sidewalks free and clear of snow for their neighbours.

And remember, in darker, wet weather, visibility is limited, and changing road conditions make it harder to see. Wear lights and reflective gear. Whether you're walking, biking, rolling, or driving, being mindful about how you travel can help make sure everyone gets home safe. Happy Holidays from the City of Prince Rupert.


Snow and Ice Control FAQ

Snow and Ice Control Policy